Hello AED members!

Please keep these updates in mind:

General Meeting #5

Just a reminder that our last General Meeting of the semester is TODAY, Thursday, November 21st at 7pm. This meeting is our annual Homeless not Hopeless event! This event counts as a meeting credit, but is also a great opportunity to earn your remaining service hours, social credit, and fundraising credit. You will only receive a social credit if you make a blanket. A fundraiser credit will only be given if you provide a receipt of the following items donated (minimum purchase of $5).

You can only get a max of 2 hours for each item (only exception is deodorant), and can receive up to 5 service hours by donating the following items:

  • Deodorant- 3 for one hour (No Speed Stick brand since many residents are allergic)
  • Toothpaste- 5 for one hour
  • Lotion- 7 for one hour (travel size)
  • Soap- 12 bars of soap for one hour
  • Shampoo- 5 for one hour (travel size)
  • Dental floss picks- 5 for one hour (not string floss)
  • Gauze- 5 boxes for one hour
  • Cough drops- 4 bags for one hour

You can donate multiple of the same item up to 2 hours When: Thursday, November 21st at 7 pm Where: JO 3.516

For those of you who have not picked up your shirts they will be available for pick up at this meeting!

Suture Clinic Update

Unfortunately, due to external circumstances we have had to cancel our Suture Clinic event for this semester. We will be holding two Suture Clinics next semester in place for this cancelled event.

Graduation Cords

Congratulations Seniors! For those of you graduating in December, you may be eligible for AED graduation cords. You have to be an active AED member for the past two years to receive a cord. If you are graduating in December, please email utdaed@gmail.com.

We hope to see everyone tonight at our Homeless not Hopeless event. Have a great Thanksgiving Break!

Best Regards,

AED Officers