Hello AED members,

We hope you enjoyed your long weekend! As the semester continues, please keep these following updates in mind:

Fundraising Update

This is a reminder that there is a fundraiser this Friday, January 24th from 4-8 PM at Panera Bread in Richardson (730 E Campbell Rd. Richardson, TX, 75063). Please email your receipts to: utdaedfundraising@gmail.com by the end of next week for your fundraising credit for the semester. Be sure to write your full name and net ID on the receipt. Please note that you must make at least a $5 purchase for this to count as a social credit. BE SURE TO SHOW THE ATTACHED FLIER AT CHECKOUT SO AED CAN RECEIVE 15%!!!

Social Update

We will be having our back to school social at Berry Naked on February 7th from 5-7pm. We hope to see everyone there!

Best Regards,

AED Officers